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With Xalq Bank you will become a happy owner of your dream apartment!

If you want to buy an apartment and miss not more than 150 000 AZN you can get a mortgage loan at the expense of the  Mortgage and Credit Guaranter Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan Fund (MCGFAR) for 25 years at 7% annual interest rate (4% for the preferential category customers).

If the acquiring apartment requires large amount investment you can apply for the mortgage loan on Xalq Bank own programme for 22 years, up to 250 000 AZN and annual interest rate starting from 9%.

Advantages of the mortgage loan:

If your monthly income does not meet the requirements of mortgage loan, you can involve your relatives to become co-borrowers for the loan.

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At the expense of MCGFRA

At the expense of MCGFRA (preferential loans)

At the expense of Xalq Bank

Maximal amount

150 000 AZN                                                 

100 000 AZN

250 000 AZN


3-25 years

3-30 years

22 years

Initial installment

30 % of the cost of purchased apartment

Annual interest rate



9 - 11%

Repayment schedule

Monthly repayment of accrued interest and principal amount of the loan according to the schedule (even monthly payment). Maximal amount of monthly repayment - 70% of monthly income of the Borrower.


Repaired apartment with excerpt from the State register

Service fee






Applications for mortgage

Applications for mortgage are accepted via Electronic Government Portal (www.e-gov.az).
Applicants should obtain electronic signature e-token (www.e-imza.az) or
ASAN imza (www.asanimza.az) for application process.

Requirements to the Borrower:



Mortgage loan funded by MCGFAR starts at the age of 18- To the last date of credit payment period the age of borrower (borrowers) must not be older than the retirement age stated in the legislation

20 - 70 years old (at the end of the credit period) in a mortgage loan with expense of Bank



Minimum length of service on the last job

6 months


Documents required for obtaining of the mortgage loan:

  • ID (and its copy) of the Borrower (Co-borrower);
  • Marriage / Divorce certificate and its copy;
  • IDs( and their copies)  of adult members of family living together with the Borrower (Co-borrower);
  • IDs/Birth certificates (and their copies) of the under-age members of the Borrower’s (Co-borrower's) family;
  • Labor contract or copy of the employment history of the Borrower (Co-borrower)  certified by employer;
  • Documents confirming income of the Borrower (Co-borrower) - reference from permanent/ additional place of employment (if any);
  • Certificate of assessment of the mortgaged property. 

If the Borrower is an entrepreneur, the following documents must be submitted additionally:

  • Copy of Certificate of tax registration;
  • Declaration of profit tax or simplified taxation approved in the Tax Inspection. 

Documents required for the mortgage loan execution:

  • Document confirming right of ownership for the pledged property (Extract from the State Register and if required - technical passport);
  • Reference about the persons registered at the acquired apartment;
  • Copy of written letter of consent for the pledge of property and its sale following extrajudicial procedure submitted to the notarial office by the spouse and other registered adult persons. If the owner of the mortgaged property is under age, copy of consent of the authorized on his/her behalf custodianship and guardianship bodies is required. 

Documents for submission after the registration of mortgage:

  • Original of the mortgage (mixed) agreement and mortgage security, as well as documents confirming their state registration;
  • Insurance policies of mortgaged property, life and working ability of the Borrower, as well as documents confirming payment of insurance premiums;
  • Copy of the purchase-sale agreement;
  • Copy of the document certifying identity of the seller of premises (for physical persons). 

Note: Submitted copies of the documents must be certified with the notary.

To make decision about the issuance of the loan the Bank has right to request additional information, as well as the documents necessary for the confirmation of submitted information.

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