Phone Banking

Xalq Bank`s cardholders can control card account and card transactions connecting to Interactive Voice Response system via land line or mobile phone without visiting the Bank or calling an operator. 

What Phone Banking is?

Using this service customers  benefit from the below mentioned services by calling AzeriCard processing center which is active 24/7  hours:

  • Checking card balance

  • Blocking the card

  • Unblocking the card

  • Subscription to SMS-notifications or change mobile number subscribed to SMS-notifications.

Identification of cards

There are two options to identify cards:

  • Authentication via SMS-password (a six-digit code sent to the mobile phone only of SMS-notifications users)

  • Authentication by a one-time password from the password list (a list can be obtained from any ATMs served via AzeriCard)

Phone Banking helps to block urgently lost or stolen cards in a safe and quick way. At the meantime, this service enables to unblock PIN-code after wrong dials in ATM, check a card balance, activate SMS-notifications or change  the number of already registered mobile phone.

To use the Phone Banking service you need just call to the one of the below mentioned numbers and follow voice reposnse system instructions:

  • 194

  • *2273

  • (012) 5984697

  • (012) 5984376

Phone Banking is free of charge.