Broker operations

One of the key objectives of "Xalq Kapital Investment Company: CJSC is the achievement of the highest performance in the securities market, and, therefore, to be maximum useful for our clients.

"Xalq Kapital Investment Company" CJSC - a subsidiary of Xalq Bank - offers services in securities market of Azerbaijan to companies and entities, as well as to individuals.

We always will support you in the securities market. Our specialists are highly proficient experts. "Xalq Kapital Investment Company", as one of the leading companies in the market will offer you brokerage and dealer services.

Broker and dealer services

Brokerage is committing civil transactions with securities as a commission agent or attorney, acting on the basis of a contract of agency or commission, or power of attorney for such transactions.

Dealer activity - transactions of purchase and sale of securities on its own behalf and at his own expense by the public announcement of the purchase price and/or sale of certain securities with a commitment to purchase and/or sale of such securities on announced prices. Dealer of stock exchange trades in securities for its own account or on behalf of.

Broker operations