The National Heritage project

Cultural heritage is a spiritual, cultural and social capital of immeasurable value. It is the source that feeds the modern science, education and culture. Loss of cultural values ​is irreplaceable ​and irreversible.

Preservation and passing on to future generation the cultural values ​​that have been created by the Azerbaijan people for centuries, its artistic, musical and poetic heritage, is very important for every Azerbaijani. Translate, publishing and reproduction of folklore of Azerbaijan, works of its poets and writers, painters and sculptors, singers and composers, scientists and thinkers, give us the chance to the integration of Azerbaijani spiritual values ​​in the universal cultural space.

The National Heritage  - a project implemented by Xalq Bank, which aims to immortalize for future generations the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, carefully preserved and carried through the centuries. With this project Xalq Bank demonstrates its attitude to the works of Azerbaijani artists and scientists, the attitude to the most invaluable asset ever trusted us. And to keep and preserve these value is a great honor and responsobility for Xalq Bank.

Let us save our cultural heritage together!