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Samir Kachayev (1994 - 2016)

Born into an ordinary family a young boy from Chukhuryurd, Shamakhi felt a real passion or even need for creative activities since childhood. He was good at drawing, modeling. Yet, his passion for sculpture trumped everything. As a child, Samir engaged in sculpting small figures from plasticine, i.e. small animals, vases, and flowers. Those dreams brought him to Azerbaijan State Art Academy. Here he learned secrets of the art under care and assistance of professionals. Young, bubbling with life, creative, presenting his own vision of the world around him, Samir succeeded in winning the audience’s love and adoration by presenting topics in a very peculiar manner.

Samir’s short creative way reflect a mission of a great artist to bring good to the world. His works remind us that in every moment of our life we have to think about the eternity. He tried to capture his vision of eternity. His skills, unfortunately, not brought to its perfection, with no doubt were a light of creativity of gifted person. The light that he so generously shared with others.

Today Samir Kachayevs’ works with deep meaning although small in shape speak out of his big heart, boundless energy and love of life. His works that were created in a very short time absorbed his soul and today represent an everlasting value for the modern art of Azerbaijan.