Current account

The current account is convenient for placement of temporary available funds, as well as for transfer of funds to/from abroad.

With current account you can withdraw cash at any time or send abroad money transferred or deposited to your account.

You can issue a power of attorney drawn in a notary to any individual giving him/her a full or partial authority to use your account.

To open an account you must present ID and fill in required forms.

Note: All bank transactions are performed upon submittal of personal ID's for Azerbaijan citizens and foreign passports for non-residents.  Driving licenses and official ID's (employee ID's) are not accepted as identity document.

Main conditions to open and use an account:

  • Open an account - free;
  • Initial deposit - none;
  • Minimum account balance - none;
  • Currency - manat, US dollars, Euro.

International money transfers are carried out in accordance with the current “Regulations on currency operations of residents and non-residents in the Republic of Azerbaijan".

Note: Bank holds the right to submit to the authorized state body documents containing information mentioned in inter-governmental agreements due to Common Reporting Standards that is applied in the frame of Multilateral agreement among authorized bodies regarding automatic information exchange about financial accounts.

Current account