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Card services

Card to Card

Xalq Bank offers to transfer money from one card to another card

Xalq Bank offers to use Card to Сard service - transfer money from one card to another card.

This service gives you a chance to transfer money from one card account to another. Money can be transferred both to your own card account or to the card account of a third person.

Card to Сard transfer is available through Xalqbank-onlineMobile Banking, and also via Xalq Bank ATMs network. An advantage of the service allows transferring money from card to card without visiting the Bank.

Note: The service is only available for cards issued by banks served  through AzeriCard.


Card to Card transfer

0.5%, min. 0.20 AZN/USD/EUR




Card to Card service allows you transfering money from your card to your relative/friend`s card who are abroad; money is istantly credited to the card/ Both cards must be issued by Banks served through AzeriCard.

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