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Credit Card

Xalq Bank's  credit card owners can benefit from 35 days of grace period.

Get Visa Classic/MC Standard, Visa Gold/MC Gold or Visa Platinum and benefit from 35 days of grace period with 0% rate.

The limit of credit card depends on type of the card and ranges around 500-25 000 USD/EUR/GBP.

Interests are not accrued if you pay till 5th of the next month. Thus time of grace period prolongs till 35 days. Depends on type of the card you can benefit from campaigns and discounts of MasterCard and Visa.


For complete security of all payment card transactions use 3D Secure system

How to obtain a Credit Card?

Terms and conditions for credit cards are available here.


Credit line ends at the end of the 11-th month and no operations can be conducted later. Client should pay credit amount and accumulated interests till the end of the 12-th month.


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