27 April 2023

Xalq Bank launched the "Pay by Link" service for legal entities and entrepreneurs

Xalq Bank has introduced another digital service for entrepreneurs and legal entities - now there is no need for customers involved in e-commerce to create a website. The new "Pay by Link" service will allow merchants to receive online payment for their goods and services quickly and conveniently.

Using the "Pay by Link" service, the seller can create a special link for payment and provide it to the buyer 24/7.

Having received the created link through various channels - whatsapp, telegram, etc., the client, following the link, instantly pays with a card. Thus, payment is made in a simple and secure way for both parties.

In addition, the seller has the opportunity to track the history of previously created links in the XalqOnline account, as well as partially or fully return to the buyer, if necessary, the purchase amount paid through the link.

Legal entities and entrepreneurs in the areas of sales and services, including those who are engaged in online trading through social networks and other platforms, can use the "Pay by Link" service. To do this, just open an account with Xalq Bank and connect the service through the XalqOnline system.

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