Card to Card

This service gives you a chance to transfer money from one card account to another quickly and easily.  Funds can be transferred between the client`s own card accounts or to another person`s card account.

Channels to transfer

  • via XalqOnline mobile application;

  • via Xalq Bank`s ATM or other ATM serviced by Azericard PC.

To send money

  • Choose the Card to Card service from menu.

  • Enter receiver card number and amount.

  • Confirm the operation.


  • Between payment cards issued by Xalq Bank: free of charge (For the creditting funds to salary and deposit cards on "Card to Card" operations the service fee is 0.5 %, min. 0.20 AZN/USD/EUR)

  • To payment cards issued by domestic banks: 0.5 % min. 0.20 AZN/USD/EUR/GBP

  • To Payment cards issued by foreign banks: 1 % min. 5 AZN/ 3 USD/EUR/GBP

  • For transfer in different currency: 0.5 %

  • The service is only available for cards issued by banks served through Azericard.