Security of payment cards

As Xalq Bank, we would like to draw the attention of our cardholders to a number of security measures when using payment cards.

  • Do not give card and card details - card number, CVV and PIN codes to third parties;

  • Do not keep the PIN code along with the card, do not write it on the card or on your mobile phone. Try to keep in your mind the PIN code and, if necessary, use the "PIN change" service via ATM and assign the code that suits you;

  • Never note your PIN on the card or on the back;

  • Use SMS notification, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services to be notified in a timely manner of unauthorized transactions with your card. In case if such transactions occur, block your card immediately and contact the bank for further investigation;

  • In case if the card is lost or stolen, it must be blocked. You have to call 138 Information Center and block your card. In addition, the card can be blocked through Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services; 

  • Pay attention to the conditions under which the card is keeping. The card must be protected from mechanical, temperature and electromagnetic influences and kept away from moisture. Payment card should not be kept along with mobile phones, home and office equipment; 

  • Do not use the ATM if additional equipment is installed on the keyboard or card receiver. Do not accept the help of outsiders, including Bank employees, during the operation;

  • Make sure that outsiders do not see when entering the PIN code in POS-terminals and ATMs.

  • Enter card details on websites protected by SSL certificates signed by reputable certification centers only. Make online payments from your personal computer;

  • Join to 3D Secure service to safe online payments

  • Try to not use your card, which has a large available balance when making online payments.